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USPA International provides Security Guards Savannah GA who are trained to be your business’s customer ambassadors. We can provide guards at the front desk who will control the access area and give your customer exceptional service as they step into the facility. Our guards are trained on how to interact with customers and clients. Other than providing protection services, they can usher in your clients and show them directions to various locations in the premises. Our guards can also provide your employees and customers escort services in case they are leaving the building when it’s dark. They can direct them safely to their cars and ensure they are secure.

Active response to crime
USPA International has a team that is trained to actively respond to various crimes. Our armed guards are highly trained in using firearms to protect clients and themselves. We also provide unarmed guards in facilities like schools who know how to effectively respond to various forms of crime. Our unarmed guards will take down all the necessary detail and contact the police immediately in the event of a crime. 

Proper handling of suspects
Our armed and unarmed guards are trained on how to handle suspects. We agree with the client on how to handle suspects should a crime occur. We provide armed guards who may be able to detain suspects in the event of a crime. Our trained and licensed Security Guards Savannah GA will behave sensibly and capably when a crime occurs on your premises. They are trained on how to handle suspects and maintain peace and order.

Monitoring business property
USPA International also provides security professionals who monitor business property. Our trained security guards will monitor video surveillance, keep an eye on the grounds and ensure the business property remains intact. Our security guards are also trained on how to watch for suspicious activity that may put your property at risk and maintain security so that everyone else can focus on their jobs.

Armed Guards GA

Close protection services
USPA International not only provides security solutions to businesses but also protects private citizens like dignitaries, celebrities, business executives and anyone in need of bodyguard service. Our close protection services are provided by highly trained guards who understand their duties and responsibility to protect their clients. We can offer armed guards for close protection or unarmed guards depending on what the client desires. Our guards are trained on how to provide clients with the assurance that they are properly protected.

Nanny guards- Taking care of children 
USPA International also has a team of child protection specialists. These security professionals are trained on how to take care of children and watch out for various potential crimes. Our nanny guards are among the best in Georgia. We have men and women who are not only passionate about taking care of children but are also highly skilled to provide the highest level of protection. 

Disaster response security services
USPA International also provides armed guards who are trained on how to handle the aftermath of a disaster. We do understand that your business operations can be affected when a disaster occurs. That’s why we provide armed guards who will monitor your premises and ensure your confidential information remains fully protected. We monitor sites like the server rooms and any other areas that require surveillance. We provide armed guards who have experience in disaster response. 

What makes USPA International the best security guard company Savannah GA?

  • Clients can get a quote within minutes and benefit from our security services
  • We provide a team of more than 2,700 contractors internationally to cater for diverse security needs.
  • Highly trained nanny guards with experience in handling children
  • Unmatched customer service
  • A highly reputable Security Guard Company Savannah GA 
  • Access to armed and unarmed security guards to fulfill different needs of clients
  • We provide security for high risk terminations
  • We customize security solutions to fulfill your needs and budget
  • Our team of Armed Guards Savannah GA is available on standby and responds quickly to client’s requests

USPA International offers a very diverse team of security professionals in Georgia. If you ever need armed guards, nanny guards or close protection operators, contact us today and get a quote within minutes. We are always happy to help.- 

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